Here's what you need in your Summer holiday bag...

With the summer upon us it’s the season of weekend escapes, countryside retreats and holidays in the sun. Getting away is essential to relieve yourself from the stresses of the real world and making sure you have the correct kit is as important as where you’re going. 

Here we take a look at what’s in our bag this summer and the essentials we think you may benefit from to enjoy your lazy days by the pool and long nights by the bar. 

baxters face scub.jpg

FACE SCRUB - Baxter’s of California

Mankind, £19

We all know how important our face scrub is but when we are using sunblocks that build up throughout the day a great scrub is even more important. Baxter’s of California can scrub clean the skin and wash away the hangover to great effect.



MOISTURISER - Baxter’s of California with SPF

Newmen, £29.95

For weekend city retreats in warm climes there’s little better than Baxter’s with SPF. Oil free it suits most skin types and doesn’t sit heavy on the skin like many other moisturisers similar. Plus at £24 it’s a bit of a bargain! 



SHAMPOO and STYLE - Evo Gluttony Shampoo and Evo Clay

Look Fantastic, £15.95

To continue washing away the night before Evo Gluttony is great for removing oils and dirt build up. For styling (we all have reasonably short hair here at HQ) we opt for the Evo Clay for short textured style. Plus, all Evo products are vegan and not tested on animals. That’s a win in our book! 


HEADPHONES - Apple AirPods

Apple, £159

In our opinion the best earphones on the market. Great in the hot climates too as they barely cover your ear; meaning that ear sweat is down to a minimum. In addition to the great sound the coolest feature is that if you forget where you left them, you can find them via the 'Find my iPhone' app on your iPhone. Genius... 




BOOK - Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas / Hunter S. Thompson

£6.48, paperback. Amazon

Every time we pick this up, we just can’t put it down. Hunter S. Thompson is one of the greatest authors of all time and Fear and Loathing is by far our favourite read. Dark, depraved and beautifully hilarious it’s the perfect book to lose yourself in the sunshine. 


topman white T.jpg

T-SHIRT - Plain White Tee

Topman, £7.00

Whether Topman or Gap, Asos or Cheap Monday the plain white t-shirt is essential. Sleeves rolled up just enough to show off the tan. 

SHORTS - Carhartt

£65 - 80, Carhartt

We believe that men’s shorts shouldn’t be too short, nor should they be too tight. That’s why we’ve selected Carhartt. The perfect fit and in pretty much any colour you desire, Carhartt are streets ahead of any other brand. 




SOCKS - Adidas or Nike (either way, wear them at just the right height) 

Adidas, £16.95

Either too long or too short it seems guys and socks just never quite get it right. So, here’s a tip. To make your legs look their best wear your sock to slimmest part of your leg under your calf. This will give you more definition and make the leg look more muscular. Believe it or not women don’t like you to skip leg day bro...



TRAINERS - Old School Vans

Vans, £50

For the skater boy in us, is there much better? The old school van is the best shoe on the market. Period. 




So that’s our bag. Now we are off to enjoy our summer and we hope you do too.