The Weekend Blow

Having a hairstylist doing the magic with your hair is a great luxury

But every once in a while the thought of picking up the hairdryer and giving it a go ourselves comes to mind. Most likely after a great workout session!

Creating a smooth blow dry with a bit of bounce is definitely one of the most popular looks this winter.

Start by washing and conditioning your hair, brush through the conditioner and rinse the hair thoroughly – we don’t want any left in as it will weigh down the hair. Once out the shower apply a little bit of heat protective milk through lengths and ends, here at Barber and Blow we love Kerastase Ciment Thermique , use a tangle teaser to brush out the hair once more then apply a bit of volumising product, hair mousse works perfect with this look. Remove the nozzle from your hairdryer and start rough-drying until it’s about 90% dry. It’s important not to blow dry wet hair as that’s when the hair is the most vulnerable and more prone to breaking. Apply a small pump of Argan oil to your hair before you start blow drying to maximise the shine. Skip this part if your hair is fine or very soft.

Use a medium to large round brush to achieve great volume and movement. Start by sectioning the hair from the top and blow drying it down whilst constantly directing the hair around the brush. Set the hair by rolling it up and securing it with silver sectioning clips or using rollers. Move on to the sides and repeat the motion only this time you want to move the brush upwards rather than downwards, again secure the section as preferred. When you’re doing the back of the head having more than one brush comes in handy as you can leave the brushes in to set – once finished with a section roll it up with the brush and leave to cool. Apply some hairspray whilst setting, the longer the setting time the better!

Dressing out the hair is the easy part, take out the brushes and the rollers put your head upside down give it a good shake, some hairspray and whip it back. Let it fall into place as the more you touch it the quicker it drops. That’s it – you’re ready to go!

To get the maximum out of your blow dry put it in a bun and secure with little grips before you go to sleep. Using a hair band will give your hair an unwanted kink. In the morning give it a little brush and use some dry shampoo to boost the volume at the roots – this should be a routine you can use for a few mornings before your next wash. Try not to touch your hair during the day as our hands make the hair greasier quicker!